Unit 12 Task 3b: Marketing and Set Meeting

Part of the task 3b Work in Progress section was also about the marketing aspect of the show, something we were unable to do on Wednesday 19th April. The next day, we all agreed to meet up as a group without tutor supervision, where the production arts team could talk us through marketing and set. As we still don’t have a proper marketing plan on how we can sell the event, the purpose was to discuss this with the aim to have a plan set, with people put in charge to ensure that this happens.


The first meeting we had was about the marketing aspect of the show, the meeting is below:


Before we started the commission, we had a session with Lynn where we were told about the importance of marketing the show as soon as possible, people would then have plenty of time to arrange to see the show. So far we have not been able to do that with four weeks until the show, this is our fault as a group, including mine as I previously stated about wanted to get involved in the marketing process. This is down to focusing more on research, getting our ideas down and starting on our pieces, so the aim of this meeting was to get marketing aspects sorted.

All that has been done so far is marketing the show through the Theatre Royal and advertising the show in the Conservatoire EAST brochure. This will also be added to task 4:



Capture 2

The first thing we talked about was getting a poster designed which we can then advertise around the town, works and college. My thoughts on this was that we should definitely get posters around the college, which we can hand out to people and explain the show, which they can then have the details for. I definitely agree with having the poster colourful with limited writing, it can then be more attractive and draw attention to those who may have not thought of seeing the show before. It has been decided through this meeting that Leah will design the poster and Sian will assist.

Secondly, we talked about the importance of marketing the show through social media. The best platform for us to advertise the show is Facebook, which most people I know have, Josh suggested everyone changing their cover photo to the Saints and Sinners logo which we had decided before the Easter Holidays and is now the logo for the Theatre Royal and brochure. However, to avoid all of us doing it at the same time and not going to back to it again, it was suggested that we each have a rota where each week, five people promote the show online, updating their cover photo, uploading a link to the Theatre Royal website and information about the show.

Marketing Logo

From the schedule, I am on the list to do the first week, I had misread the schedule initially, believing it to start from the 20th April, however, I will also re-promote it next week.

Social Media Marketing

As well as that, we still haven’t set up a Facebook event to invite everyone to the performance. We decided that Lou was going to be in charge of making it (UPDATE 23RD APRIL: As Lou was struggling technically with getting the event created, Lucy has created an online event for Saints and Sinners.

Facebook Event SS

Leah had suggested creating a trailer for the show, which would include rehearsal footage. I thought that this was a great idea as we can show everyone hints of what the show will include and can give an idea of what the show overall is about. However, I also agreed that if we are including rehearsal footage, it should only include more polished pieces and not something very rough, or anything with messing about. We want to also show what the department is about and also we can log our process.

UPDATE: So far, the trailer has not yet been made, but Leah, with Sian’s assistance has created a teaser trailer:

The final marketing aspect talked about was photos, usually for season shows, we will have a professional photographer, however, we cannot afford to bring one in. I still feel that we should make an attempt to take photos, which was also mentioned, I feel that we could take photos on a camera or a phone if one is not available so we can still have evidence of our performance and to also put in our portfolio. Tom then mentioned knowing someone who could come in to take photos, which I would personally really like to have (UPDATE: Jack also posted online that he also knew someone who could come in to take photos).

In conclusion, I felt that this meeting went very well and I now feel more confident on what can get done now that we have a structure and a schedule which has been uploaded. It is important that we get this done and stick to the schedule so that members of the public can be made aware of the performance within plenty of time.


Straight after the marketing meeting, we had a meeting about the set, all I currently know about the set is from what Leah designed and Leah uploaded, which I have put on a separate post as part of task 3a. I am aware that the scaling of the design is not accurate, so will need changing. The chairs and tables are also going to be smaller, which still need to be sourced. I would like to know a final design soon as it may effect my blocking, particularly for Shopping and F***ing.

Here is the meeting:

First off all, from a previous meeting which talked about having the Saints and Sinners logo on the screen at the back throughout, Leah has created a GIF of the logo which flashes in different colours, which can be seen from the teaser trailer posted above in the marketing section. I really liked this idea, as it is our trademark logo for marketing, it will be good to include it in the final performances. Leah mentioned in this meeting about having the logo against a black flat used from Bonnie and Clyde the week before, which will be against a wall and therefore not projected on the main stage. This is to avoid lighting everyone throughout, which I would prefer as it could distract audiences and may not be too sure who to look at.

The previous stage design had a space for Saint Jimmy’s office, however, I learned that Jimmy may just have a follow spot in an area which we can go to, which can till show his power but will give more space for performers. This may not effect me too much as I will not have much for the blocking for Saint Joan and will not require too much space for Shopping and F***ing, but it will definitely be good for the dancers. It may effect the ending where we all sing Rebel as a group, giving us more space instead of cramping together.

The bar which was put on stage left is going to be one used from previous shows, so this will not be an issue, there is also a shelf used from a previous show which will be pout behind the bars to stack bottles, which I feel will be a good addition to further involve the bar atmosphere by showing bottles. The colour scheme that we decided for the bar was black and red, which will show particularly the sinner side of the show. I didn’t think during the meeting that we should also have a colour which can represent the saint side, however, by adding blues and green throughout other parts of the stage, it will therefore not all be sinner based.

We had also previously discussed having bouncers on the theatre door to accept tickets, I thought initially that this would be actors, however, it has been decided that two members of Production Arts will do this. This will put less strain on the actors who will be preparing and focusing on their performance on stage. Now looking at our characters, they may not suit the style of a bouncer at a club, it was mentioned about Richard being one of the bouncers, which would fit, I would also suggest Jordan.

We also had a meeting on Friday 31st March where we talked about how the audience would exit. We have decided as a group that they will all exit from one door, I feel that this would be easier to allow all audience members to exit straight to the bistro as it could get complex for some members who may need to leave straight after.

In conclusion, I am still not sure about the final stage design, but I have a brief idea of what it consists of, enough to rehearse. I am happy with what we have decided as there were still some aspects about the set, such as exiting which I was still not sure about beforehand.








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