Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Friday 21st April (Shopping and F***ing Rehearsal with Video)

Following Tuesday’s rehearsal with Sian and Josh on Shopping and F***ing, we discussed on social media when we should next meet up, agreeing on Friday between half 11 and 12. However, we were unaware at the time that the tutors would have a conference so had therefore set up a schedule where we could write our names down to book rooms. I had written this rehearsal to take place between 11:35 and 12:05 in eO.44.

Before we stared this rehearsal, Sian had messaged us to talk about thoughts towards her character and changes she felt would be better for the character. Originally, we had talked that Lulu was a very angry character, who got progressively more stressed at hearing of Robbie’s (now Ruby’s) story. She then informed us that she wants to try to portray her character in a different manner, instead playing Lulu less angry, mocking her instead. I prefer this to how we had initially created the scene on Monday, I wrote in my blog for that rehearsal that I was not sure I liked having the characters angry, making it feel like over the top comedy, which Sian had also mentioned. I would rather go through the scene again in this new manner, making changes to my character as well. My aim for this rehearsal is to play Ruby less over the top as I did on Monday and see how we all prefer the scene, we can then take this forward and determine the characteristic.

Before the rehearsal, I had a brief discussion with Josh about how to play Ruby, voicing my opinions on how we had set her on Monday. He agreed and after explaining my research on ecstasy to him and the effects it can have, he also looked into it and we agreed that Ruby would have had some of the ecstasy. The scene would take place straight after getting beat up, so the effects of the ecstasy would be wearing off, from my research on ecstasy, the negative effects of it can make the user very down as if their world is crashing. Therefore, I can experiment with this as we are rehearsing and put my research to use.

When it came to rehearsing, we ran through the scene with Sian portraying Lulu and she performed it in the manner that she had explained to us before, in a mocking mood. At the end of that run, we stopped and discussed our though to these changes. By this time, for Ruby, I feel that I took the research and the discussion with Josh beforehand and and didn’t use it enough into my character. I had wanted the effects of the ecstasy to have worn off, but I played her as if she had not taken anything. Once I am off the book, I can focus on how I want to play Ruby, we have discussed before that she should be tough but also a bit of a slut.

Josh gave his opinion after that he did not like this change, especially to Sian’s character as for a performance aspect, it made the scene look like a chat with no real energy or clash, instead it should be a clash between the two characters which will keep the audience interested, if they are not interested, then they may not understand the scene and why it links between Saints and Sinners. I did argue against his point as he wanted to revert it back to how we blocked it on Monday,  I am still holding to the argument that it looks over the top and is mocking the piece. For me, the way I played it on Monday and watching it back made it look like I wasn’t taking my character seriously. I did however, take some of Josh’s argument on board about Sian’s character, I agree that we should keep experimenting to make Lulu friends with Ruby, we decided that Lulu needs to sell these ecstasy tablets and asks her friends Ruby to. Ruby walks into the club with a black eye, hiding it until she is face to face with Lulu, who calls Ruby’s name, which can indicate to the audience that they know each other, along with the added dialogue. By adding the dialogue, it can give some context to the audience about what the piece is about and ensure it makes sense instead of going straight into the scene. She tells Lulu what happened through playing the scene, with the events just occurring a few minutes beforehand in a different club.

We started the scene again, this time with the added dialogue, Sian played Lulu quite hushed and secretive so that no one else could hear the conversation about them selling the drugs. I tried the make Ruby drowsy but not over the top, as she had just been attacked, I played her as if she was fed up and feeling down about what had happened, leading to a build up of mixed negative emotions. This would not just be because of being attacked, but also because of the effects of the drugs wearing off. As I was explaining what had happened in the club, instead of mocking, this time Sian played her as if she was also getting fed up of hearing of Ruby’s failure, gradually getting more annoyed. This rehearsal can be found below:

I am aware that in this rehearsal video, I accidently said “You the bloke”, as this line was spoken to me, I will change it to “You the one”, as we have changed Robbie to a girl. The main issue for me at the moment is cue lines, I found throughout this rehearsal that I needed prompting a lot, but once I knew the beginning of the line, I could continue without the book. The main reason I had the script in my hand was for prompt as Sian was also struggling, but also the argument towards the end and my speech at the end. We agreed that it was the ending that we struggled with, getting lines mixed up and not entering at the right time. In order to improve, I will get the paper copy script of the piece and underline the parts that I am still not solid on. Then I can really look at my lines and put in my action plan to get it off book by the end of next week, which I had not originally wanted, instead I would have liked to have been off book by now. 

Towards the end of the rehearsal, we talked briefly on costume and that the jackets wouldn’t work for the slutty characters which we had thought of. Josh had suggested that I look at 90’s rave clothes even though we are not seeing Saints and Sinners in that time, but it will suit with the nightclub theme which we have decided on and create a personality for the character.

In conclusion, I prefer the scene how we played it in the recording, it gives a relationship between Ruby and Lulu and the clashes between the two can create more energy within the piece. I am going to write for next weeks action plan that we meet up again next week for a rehearsal where we can focus on continuing to build our characters. 


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