Unit 12 TASK 3A Reflective Journal: Monday 17th April (Shopping and F***ing Rehearsal with Video and Changes to Character Name)

This morning, I met up with Sian, who plays Lulu in Shopping and F***ing, where the purpose was to be able to discuss what we had been able to achieve with the piece over the holiday, with the hope to also try to start blocking. By the end, I would have liked to have started on the blocking with recording, therefore I can take note of what has been done and can continue to practice afterwards. For me this is important as because the rehearsal is short and we are both in different pieces as well, we do not want to have to re-block anything.

During the holidays, Josh, who is also on the acting pathway asked both of us if he could direct our piece. We both agreed to this, I thought that this would be a good idea as we can therefore have someone in charge to keep order with the piece, he can then contribute his own ideas, which we could either agree or suggest something alongside that. As we both work well with Josh, I did not have any concerns, as in the past, whenever we have worked together, we have been able to get everything done with little conflict.

When Josh talked to us about his ideas for the piece, he had the idea of Robbie being very over the top whilst explaining to Lulu what he had done. We were able to get a rough blocking of the piece completed, a lot of it consists of Robbie being very love struck, I agreed with Josh that this should happen with my character as I felt that as Robbie found the men there very attractive and did not need much convincing to give ecstasy to them, that for this performance, did not get a lot of luck relationship wise. This is similar to the original play as after reading it as part of my research, there is trouble with Robbie and his relationship with Mark after Mark confesses being in love with a fourteen year old character called Gary.

There was minimal space blocking this scene, which for me I felt wasn’t much of a problem, we could always expand it once we know about our scene. Here is the scene below:

After watching the video back, there are some aspects of my character which I am now not sure entirely works. I am aware of Robbie’s sexuality and his attraction to the males asking him for ecstasy, however, given the circumstances of the piece, I don’t feel now that I would be so excited and happy about the situation. This piece takes place after giving away the ecstasy and getting hit by someone for not having enough of it, the actual scene in the play takes place in the Accident and Emergency unit. Therefore, for the next rehearsal, I would like to try and play this so my character is feeling more guilty about what happened, being more in despair. However, I still feel that there would be some aspect of wanting for the men he gave the drugs to, but then realising they only gave attention because they wanted the drugs. I will however, sti

I need to get in contact with Sian about having another rehearsal this week so we can attempt to run through the scene without needing a script in our hands. Although I thought I had learned the lines, I froze and was not accurate when it came to performing it, which meant I therefore started to rely on it, which I want to get out of the habit of as soon as possible. We can also discuss what we think about our characters initially and the relationship they had during the rehearsal video above.

At the end of our rehearsal, the three of us started discussing costume, with Josh offering to bring in two jackets to experiment with. This conversation was only short though as I am aware that Leah, who is allocated to this piece from the Production Arts team, was not present. She might have started having other ideas on costume so it is important that we involve her in this discussion.

Character name change:

As the original character in this play is a male called Robbie, I decided to look at changing the name of my character to make her female. The name I thought of immediately was Ruby, this was because I wanted a name that was close to Robbie, so the character could still be associated with the original one.

In conclusion, I am satisfied that we have been able to start rehearsing this scene and have a rough idea of blocking, however, I would like to experiment more with my character for the next rehearsal, which needs to be arranged. Before this rehearsal, I need to have looked at my lines so I am not relying on my script as much, as I do not want to leave this task too late, this will be the case as well with my Saint Joan monologue.







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