Unit 12 Reflective Journal 22nd March: Blurb/Logo Design

During our commission session, everyone in the second year were grouped together at first, but we were then split off in order to complete different tasks. Apart from those who had to continue with previous work, one group went off to start designing a possible logo and blurb for the brochure, while the rest of the group began a discussion of what the nightclub should be. This goes from a session I had with Lynn at the beginning of the month on marketing methods and that it was important to start marketing the show as soon as we can if we want large audiences and people to know about it.

I offered to go away with Lou, Jack and Daytona to start creating a logo and a blurb, being able to split up into groups during this session allowed the whole group to develop organisation and planning skills. This is because we were set tasks at the beginning of the session and planned which members of the group would be completing which task. For my group afterwards, we then all agreed that we would each aim to design a logo and a blurb, which would then give options to which we decide to either go with or develop. I had stated in my task 1a action plan that I wanted to have some involvement in marketing and although I didn’t meet my aim of designing a poster within the first couple of weeks, I would at least be able to start with plenty of time before the performance.

As we were designing a logo, it had to be one which we could easily print off without having noticeable pixels if enlarged. We all began searching for images on Google, however, we had to be wary of copyright issues for some of the images, we did not want to decide on an image only to then get into trouble for copyright purposes. Therefore, to solve this problem, as I was searching for images, I went onto advanced settings, clicking on ‘Usage Rights’ and in particular: ‘Free to use, share or modify, even commercially’. The searches would then be automatically filtered to those which we would have no issues with. I found this to be an issue at times, particularly when searching for certain images, for example, one of my ideas was to have flames with a halo on top, when I originally searched for halos, there were plenty of images to decide on. However, after filtering on advanced options, there were no suitable images to use, which meant I had to adapt the idea. Before that, I searched ‘Saints and Sinners’ on Google and was unable to find anything, I then thought of using fire with the halo on top, which once again was unsuccessful. Another option I considered was to go on a website which designed a logo for free, however, I was not sure on the security of the websites, the reliability or weather we would be able to put them for marketing, therefore, I decided not to risk anything. One of the fonts I used however, was a flame one, which inspired me to look for images of flames. I was more successful at finding images of flames which I would be able to use without copyright issues, including:

s&s 2

s&s 3

Saints and Sinners

I found the last image during my later searches and decided on the idea that if I would be unable to have a flame with a halo at the top, to adapt it so the halo was made of flames. As there was space in the middle, I would then be able to put ‘Saints and Sinners’ in there, therefore, the two images could merge into one for both of the themes. To make it more attractive to view, I wanted to vary the font so that the ‘Saints’ was clear and more to the theme, whilst the ‘Sinners’ had a more rough font, which was inspired by the flame font. I then went on Photoshop to experiment, I have never used this programme before so I did get confused on how to use it, asking others around me for help. I was able to experiment with some of it on my own, writing ‘Saints and Sinners’ in the middle and changing the font. However, I had an issue with moving the font to the centre as it looked out of place, when I tried to move it, the programme froze before I could save my work. I was able to take a picture of what I had created so far before the programme crashed and would be able to easily re-create it:

Following that, I then focused on writing a blurb, I had to keep in mind that the blurb should be short in order to fit into the brochure, ensuring I include the main concept of the piece and who would be doing it. Lynn had posted an example but was then welcome to suggestions and changes, I had thought of this as a blurb:

“The Saints and Sinners nightclub is open for another night of mystery, a place which mixes good and evil, while creating different paths for others which they never would have imagined. In their final show at Conservatoire EAST, the second year Performing and Production Arts students have devised a show for their commission to bring a night of battle between Saints and Sinners”.

The other group meanwhile, had a recorded discussion about what the theme of the nightclub should be. Helena then came into our room and informed us that they had decided on a 1920’s themed cabaret club set in the modern day. My first thought was that I wasn’t entirely sure why the 1920’s was chosen and if it was necessary, as probably only the staff would be dressed in 1920’s as the rest of the cast would be performing their pieces in their pairs. Here is the discussion:

In conclusion, I was able to meet my aim of starting to create a blurb and a logo, although the logo did not save, I would be able to re-create it. We can now join our ideas together to work as a team and decide which would be best for the brochure. Discussion wise, these ideas will be put forward to Lynn who will have the final say on this discussion, taking what has been said into consideration.


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