Audition: RADA

Following GSA, my next audition was at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art on Monday 21st November at 1:30. I arrived with plenty of time, waiting in the reception before being taken, as a group into a smaller room where we all sat at a table. Here we were given a brief talk about the proceedings and given back our application form, this had a new form attached to it where we had to write down our contemporary and classic monologues, with a third classic. I wrote down Alex from As We Forgive Those and Emilia from Othello as my two main monologues, with Lady Anne from Richard III as my third choice. We were told that the panel may or may not ask us for our third monologue, but to have it written down just in case.

We were then split into two groups for two different panels, we were then taken to a separate building where we would individually meet the panel. In my group, I was one of the last to go in for my audition, I was greeted by two people, a male and a female teacher. I sat down opposite them where they asked what I was currently doing, I spoke about activities in college, which I had practiced in sessions with Lynn, speaking about Improvability and public shows I had taken part in (pictures of this were in my portfolio which the panel took a look at). Finally, I talked about the current commission and what we had planned for our Theatre In Education, which the panel seemed very interested in.

After this short interview, I performed my monologues, I started with Emilia, using a chair which I imagined Emilia to be sitting down on. I felt that part of the way through, I lost character slightly as I was still recovering from bronchitis, however, I got back into character and was happy with my performance. I made sure that I used all of the space and because I had practiced with someone sitting on the chair before, I kept my eye line in a good position. I then performed Alex, which, compared to Oxford, I performed with more energy and more urgency in the character. If there was one thing I would change about Alex, I would have positioned myself more facing the panel so they could fully see the emotion on my face. However, I made sure that I spoke with clarity and a good volume and was much happier, I was not asked to perform my third monologue.

I then sat down opposite the panel where they asked me one more question, which was which actor inspires me. I had again practiced this question with Lynn in a previous session and went with what we worked on in that session, which for me was Nina Dobrev. I explained her ability to play many different characters in one programme, making each of the different and unique. They then spoke to me about other programmes I could watch if I enjoyed watching programmes like that, recommending Black Mirror.

In conclusion, I had a very positive experience during this audition, the panel were very kind and calmed me down a lot during the interview. I was then able to feel relaxed during the monologues and the rest of the interview. Although I did not get a recall, I would definitely audition here again.


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