Audition: Oxford School of Drama

Oxford School of Drama was my first drama school audition which took place on Monday 7th November 2016. The audition was due to start at 10:15 and could have finished at two times: at lunch or at 5:30 if recalled for the afternoon session.

I arrived early at the lunch area with a small kitchen and was met by the Admissions Administrator, Polly Nuttgens. Once everyone had arrived, we were taken into the theatre where we had a short warm up. We were given different arm movements which we had to lean over different sides to avoid standing still. These were first done in counts of four to music, then two beats twice and one beat four times, this was repeated three times. For the next warm up, we had to pretend we had a large ball which we had to stand on. The point of this was to not just stand on the ball and do nothing because it would be moving and we would have to try to not fall off. Next, we had to pretend that the ball was a ball of fire, which meant reacting to it whenever we touched it or had to stand on it.

The next exercise was all about feeling the music with movement, we were split into two halves. The panel would play calming music which we would have to create movements to depending on how we felt about the music. For me, I didn’t like doing it as a whole group, preferring to do this is two groups afterwards, there was more space and less temptation to look around at what everyone else was doing.

Following the warm up, we were split into four groups of five, I was in group three. The first two groups performed their monologues before the panel had a break, meaning I had mine after the break. It seemed like a while until I finally performed my monologue and by the time it was our groups turn to perform, the effects of the warm up had worn off. I tried to keep warm during this time and just before going back into the theatre, however, because of the climate and having bronchitis at the time, I struggled.

I performed my contemporary, Alex from ‘As We Forgive Those’, as I had always performed it. I didn’t want to face the panel directly, which others had chosen to do and continued as I had always done it. Because I didn’t feel properly warmed up, I don’t feel that I opened up enough during this monologue. Afterwards, I performed Lady Anne from Richard III, which again, I don’t feel I performed as well as I had while I practiced it. I think this because I didn’t put enough energy into the monologue and didn’t add enough movement to the piece.

Following everyone’s audition, we all had a 45 minute lunch break, which went over the time as we were told the panel were still deciding who to recall. A list of people were then called out, my name included and was sent to the theatre. Here I was told the news that I wasn’t going to get a recall and was allowed to leave. For me, I felt relieved as different factors and the experience overall didn’t not give me a good view of the place. Overall, the experience of this first audition was negative and would not consider auditioning there again.


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