Wednesday 19th October- Audition Question Preparation

Because many in our class already have drama school auditions booked, including myself, the purpose of this session was to look at how we would answer questions in a drama school interview. The aim was to look at common questions and then plan out how to answer then. This would then mean that we wouldn’t be thrown off when asked and instead of stuttering, we could answer with ease.

The first question we had to think about was, “What were the last 5 productions you saw?”, I learned with this question that a couple of amateur companies are acceptable to talk about but not all the time. It is important to talk about a range and recent productions to show that theatre is something we are passionate about. I was able to write down some productions I had seen at my local theatre, the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, a semi professional company who had created their own pieces and a piece of theatre I saw in London. I learned not to just mention the production, but also know the company and where you saw it as this will broaden our knowledge even more. After writing it down in simple bullet points, I was able to speak about a recent production (The Play That Goes Wrong, Mischief Theatre Company, the Duchess Theatre).

The next question we were asked was, “What have you been up to in the past year?”, I enjoyed writing this question because the college has given me many different opportunities over the past year. I was able to talk about being in public performances in our theatre, improvability nights, street theatre, promenade theatre and currently taking part in our Theatre In Education project. Unlike the last question where I wrote simple bullet points, I found that this one required writing down in a proper sentence so I definitely wouldn’t miss anything out. Another important reason for writing like this is so we can then practice with it and memorise it.

We were then put into pairs where we then asked each other these questions and it was great to be given the chance to practice my answer and was able to put a lot of content into my answers. I felt very comfortable when I knew what I was saying and it enabled me to relax and be myself when speaking. I was reminded how it is important to just be yourself and don’t tense up to speak like someone you’re not, they are not trying to scare you, they want to accept people into their school.

In conclusion, this session gave me the chance to step away from just thinking about auditions as performing your monologues, although they are vital, the questions they ask will also be important. I hadn’t thought much about these questions before so it was a good chance to really think in detail about what I had seen and been up to in the past year. I also know how important it is to keep looking at these questions and not just assume they are now in my head, they only will be if I keep practising.


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