Tuesday 11th October- Improvability Games

At the beginning of the term, we took part in a improvability games and we came back to these sessions again. The aim of doing this was creativity and imagination, for our T.I.E performance, we will need to devise a performance that will be exciting for our primary school audience. This session involved playing games, the first one was called ‘Expert and Interviewer’ where we were given two things, in mine and Leah’s case, we were given a picture of Henry VI with a smartphone in the picture.

I was the interviewer and the main thing I had to remember was to ask questions which would allow a ‘Yes’ answer with the chance for Leah to explain the answer. The point of this was that we could create a story which may not be true in real life but in that moment in the scene, it could be and we had to make it believable. The only problem I had was that Leah often struggled to expand her answers, we were able to get a small story of Henry VI time-travelling but sometimes she would say ‘Yes’ and not continue, which threw me off slightly. I found that I had to ask questions to give her hints on ideas to expand and create her own story.

The other game we played was called ‘Freeze nominate’, in the past, we have played the game so that two people would be improvising a scene and someone else would shout ‘Freeze’ and go in. However, to ensure everyone gets a chance to have a go, the person shouting ‘Freeze’ has to nominate someone else to go instead. Because no one knew who would be going next, it meant we definitely all had to have ideas in our heads and concentration was very important. We also had to remember to not make the scenes drop excitement, if we felt they were dragging, we had to shout to keep the energy up.

Overall, I had mixed experiences in this session, I found ‘Freeze nominate’ more enjoyable than ‘Expert and Interview’. I was able to come up with different situations and react well to a new one when someone else came into the circle and we all had equal opportunities as we counted who hadn’t been in yet so made sure they were given a chance. I found Expert and Interview frustrating but I can learn from this in case there is a similar situation in the future and try to help my partner out with questions which can get them thinking creatively.


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